The Power of Karma and the Importance of Merit


During a Skype address to the retreatants at the third Ngöndro Retreat of the 2010-11 program season, Rinpoche expressed her delight at the success of the retreats held during the year and her happiness that Lotus Garden is now truly becoming the center envisioned at its founding. Rinpoche reminded the retreatants that ngöndro practice helps us discover within ourselves the whole-heartedness, honesty and confidence which leads to the possibility of holding a real result in our hands—gentle and supple minds with a sharp awareness of the power of karma and the importance of merit.
Note: A few moments of back-and-forth that took place between Rinpoche and sangha members at the beginning of the teaching concerning a recent increase in fractured limbs within the sangha is not included, although it led directly into the material presented here.
Mindrolling Monastery to Lotus Garden
20 February 2010
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