Charitable Projects

Rinpoche visits with one of the small residents of the animal refuge facility supported by STCS

Rinpoche visits with one of the small residents of the animal refuge facility supported by STCS

“It is crucial that practitioners not simply adopt an intellectual approach to the dharma, but rather understand the immense importance of engaging in actions of merit and virtue. Each practitioner is encouraged to examine whether there is a meeting of the view of the dharma in one’s daily conduct and activities.”  —Kyabje Mindrolling Trichen

Samten Tse Charitable Society (STCS) was founded in 1993 under the leadership of Kyabje Mindrolling Trichen Rinpoche, Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche and Mindrolling Jetsün Dechen Paldrön.

The original vision was to support charitable projects and other organizations whose works aim to improve  the living conditions of populations based in India, Tibet and other Himalayan regions and to support the growth of buddhadharma for both individuals and the communities in which they live. Today Samten Tse Charitable Society is under the Mindrolling International umbrella, which supports all its charitable activities.

Projects include support to schools and monasteries, medical clinics, animal refuge facilities, Tibetan Women’s Associations, Tibetan refugee communities. STCS offers aid to the elderly, a community of Hansens Disease victims, and sponsorship of retreatants and the preservation of Tibetan art and culture.

Please visit Mindrolling International for more information on the activities and projects of Samten Tse Charitable Society.

Samten Tse Charitable Society (STCS) is registered as a private non-profit organization in 5 countries: India, USA, France, Greece, Germany and Poland. It is managed by Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche, Jetsün Dechen Paldrön and a Board of Directors in the respective countries in which it operates. All offerings go to the support of Samten Tse Charitable Projects/Mindrolling International and are tax-deductible.
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