Vajra Assembly and Minling Mahasangha

Students from around the world gathered in the Czech Republic for the first Vajra Assembly to receive teachings and transmissions from Minling Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche. The first Vajra Assembly was followed by the 3rd Mahasangha Drubchö and events celebrating the gathering of the Mindrolling International Sangha.

Blessed by the presence of Rinpoche, Jetsunla, Mayumla, Jetsün Rinpoche and Dungse Rinpoche, the first Vajra Assembly transformed the peaceful and beautiful land outside Prague into a perfect setting for the transmission of dharma. 

With great kindness, Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche bestowed teachings, oral transmissions, and the Vajrasattva Empowerment to nearly three hundred sangha members from around the world. Monks and nuns from Mindrolling Monastery and Samten Tse Retreat Center made all the preparations for the mandala and the shrine and led the rituals.  All sessions and teachings were translated into several languages, including Czech, Spanish, French, German, Polish, and Greek so that all present were able to receive the teachings fully and directly. Furthermore, dharma instructors led review sessions to ensure that all students understood and knew how to do the practices correctly. 

The Czech sangha along with sangha members from around Europe worked tirelessly organizing and arranging every aspect of the retreat so that everything could happen smoothly. From the moment sangha members arrived at the airport to the day everyone left, the organizing team made sure that all were well taken care of and provided everything that was needed.

On the full moon day of June 4th, 2023, the Mindrolling sangha celebrated the auspicious day of Saga Dawa, the day of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and Mahaparinirvana. Many Dharma Centers in the surrounding area were invited to join the Vajra Assembly to celebrate together. Extensive prayers and offerings were made with sincere aspirations that the Buddhadharma continue to flourish and that all beings be freed from suffering.

Immediately following the Vajra Assembly, the Third Minling Mahasangha was held, and the gathered assembly performed a three-day drubchö of the Minling Dorsem.  The assembly was led in the practice by Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche and the monks and nuns. Mr. Vladimir Zuzak and his wife, Hanna, the owners of the center where the Mahasangha was held, completed the construction of a stupa during the program. Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche performed the consecration rituals on the last day of the drubchö.

The third day of the Minling Dorsem Drubchö concluded with the fire puja, abundant tshog offerings, and the Marme Mönlam, or butterlamp ceremony. With heartfelt joy, the Mindrolling International sangha delighted in this profound gathering of blessings and merit.

The Vajra assembly is planned to be held annually and will be in the format of an extended retreat comprising of practice, studies, teachings, and transmissions from Rinpoche. The Vajra assembly will allow students from various countries, particularly from Europe to have access to in depth teachings and practice opportunities, and it will also be an opportunity for the various Mindrolling Study groups to gather as one Sangha to practice and study together.  May the merit, blessings and accomplishment of the path of dharma be a source of immense benefit for all sentient beings!