Announcing Official Establishment of Mindrolling Dharma Centers and Study Groups

We are delighted to announce the official establishment of the following Mindrolling Dharma Centers and Study Groups within Europe and North America.  These Dharma practice and study groups under the spiritual guidance of Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche have been created to support the Dharma studies and practices of the worldwide Mindrolling Sangha. The Mindrolling sanghas of these official Mindrolling Dharma groups are also responsible and involved in the many Dharma activities of the Mindrolling lineage around the world.  These activities include organizing retreats, transmissions, and teachings within the Mindrolling lineage around the world.

These Dharma centers and study groups have supported the various activities of Mindrolling Monastery and Samten Tse Retreat Center in India for many years.  They are also involved in the many Mindrolling International Charitable Projects, Mindrolling Monastery, and the community of monks, nuns, and retreatants.

The formal gathering of all administrators and executive staff members took place in Prague in June of this year.  Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche and Jetsün Dechen Paldrön met with all board members of the various regional groups and these discussions provided clear directions on how these Mindrolling groups can support the general Mindrolling sangha and engage in the various activities that support Mindrolling Monastery, the retreat centers, and the many other activities.

The establishment of these Mindrolling centers and groups is a wonderful support for facilitating the teachings and transmissions of the precious Dharma.  Their mission includes helping Dharma students from various parts of the world connect and support one another on their path of practice and this structure will allow clear and accurate information related to Mindrolling and Mindrolling International to be made available to everyone quickly and efficiently.

In particular, the study groups will work towards the practice, study, preservation, translation, archiving, and flourishing of the precious Dharma and in particular, the Mindrolling lineage and its teachings worldwide.

Official Mindrolling Centers in Europe and North America

Mindrolling Czech Republic

Mindrolling Germany

Mindrolling Nederland

Mindrolling Spain

Mindrolling Lotus Garden – USA

Mindrolling France

Mindrolling Greece

Mindrolling Poland

Mindrolling Scandinavia

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