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Bhutan Pilgrimage—Day 10

Friday, April 1 | Paro Taktsang (The Tiger’s Nest) The group members made an early departure for trail-head of Paro Taktsang. Rinpoche wasted no time beginning the steep climb through a pine forest with the group members scrambling behind. A few chose to ride pack mules which would take them half-way to the sacred cluster […]

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Bhutan Pilgrimage—Day 11

Saturday, April 2 | Ganachakra of Rigdzin Thugthig The group gathered at Zangthopelri Lhakhang to offer a Ganachakra of the Rigdzin Thugthig sadhana led by Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche and Umdze Tulku Ngawang Jigdral Kunga. After the practice ended, the Mindrolling Family and the entire group were invited to offer khatags to Garab Rinpoche who […]

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Bhutan Pilgrimage—Day 12

Sunday, April 3 | Chimphu / Paro Chumphung Nye Vajrayogini Temple Group-It was just getting light when the group arrived at Paro Chimphu, the Vajra Varahi sacred site to undertake the most strenuous hike of the pilgrimage. Along the trail there were many wondrous signs such as hand-prints and footprints in the rock left by […]

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