Bhutan Pilgrimage—Day 3

Friday, March 25 | Trongsa to Bhumthang

On this day the group boarded the buses for a day-long journey to Bhumthang, making a much-anticipated visit to the Tharpaling Monastery. Tharpaling, which means Land of Liberation, is the sacred site and retreat cave of the great master Longchen Rabjam (1308-1363). Longchenpa established the monastery at the base of Chödrak Cliff, one of Four Great Cliffs which had been blessed by Guru Rinpoche. The group offered prayers and khatags in the Tharpaling Monastery, toured Chödrak Monastery built around the retreat cave of Longchenpa, then descended to Tharpaling to recite together Longchenpa’s profound text—Basic Space of Phenomena.

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