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Online Teachings (Demo)

HINAYANA TEACHINGS Buddhism in Practice, Practice In Buddhism Contemplating the Four Reminders MAHAYANA TEACHINGS Introduction to the Heart Sutra (pdf) Cultivating the Twelve Kinds of Wealth Loving Kindness Is Realistic: A Teaching on Bodhicitta On Buddhanature—and What It Is Not Reflection on Love: Call to Compassion The Four Immeasurable Qualities The Mouse That Roared VAJRAYANA […]

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Teachings Archives: Print

Following is a list of teachings by Mindrolling Jetsun Rinpoche which were given between 1996 and 2006. TEACHINGS INTERVIEWS BOOKS BY JETSÜN KHANDRO RINPOCHE BOOKS TO WHICH RINPOCHE HAS CONTRIBUTED OR IN WHICH RINPOCHE IS MENTIONED Last update: 1 February 2016

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The Four Immeasurable Qualities

This teaching was given by Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche, preceding a weekend seminar in Boston, MA, August, 2013. The Four Immeasurable Qualities (pdf) NOTE: You may print a single copy of this document for your own use. Please honor Rinpoche’s request that it not be reproduced and distributed without the express permission of the Dharmashri […]

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