The Australian Wildfires: A Message from Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche

Australian Wildfires: Message from Rinpoche

It is with deep sadness and a sense of tremendous loss that we bring our mind to all the people and countless beings who are experiencing the tremendous challenge of the wildfires in Australia.

The pain and suffering, fear and confusion of so many is beyond description and any words we use to express, particularly from so far away, is feeble and inadequate. Most of us are at a loss to even begin to try and imagine at the loss and destruction that the fires caused. We urge all our Sangha members and friends from all over the world to single-pointedly and with one mind pray for everyone affected by the fires and such similar disasters in many other such places, and help in any way that is possible.

We encourage all our Sangha friends to continue to practice the Tara practice and accumulate the praises to Tara.

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